Vital Choice Deals – Heritage-Breed Chicken (Oct. 23)

  1. **Heritage-Breed Chicken from vitalchoice. Price: $199.00. Discount: 24%. Categories: Food, Chicken, Sponsored. Deal Rating: 4.5 Stars out of 5. Store Rating: 5 Stars out of 5. Deal Recommendation: Recommended. Available Until: In Stock. Thoughts: Heritage-Breed Chicken, 3.25 lbs ea, whole bird. Chicken is changing. And this time, it’s a good thing. Fourth-generation poultry farmer Frank Reese raises his birds in an ethical, natural way that’s as close to wild as possible. In fact, Farm Forward calls his poultry ranch the “gold standard” of healthy animal husbandry.

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— October 23, 2017

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