Vital Choice Deals – Large Sockeye Fillets(-22%) (Feb. 06)

  1. **Large Sockeye Fillets from vitalchoice. Price: $279.00. Discount: 22%. Categories: Food, Healthy, Fish, Sockeye, Sponsored. Deal Rating: 4.8 Stars out of 5. Store Rating: 5 Stars out of 5. Deal Recommendation: Recommended. Available Until: Limited Quantity. Thoughts: 9 x (30 oz.). Each species of wild salmon features its own characteristic flavor and texture, and has its admirers. But our most popular salmon features a deep, rich flavor that many Alaskans consider the “truest” salmon taste. Easy to prepare and beautiful to serve, our wild 30-oz. sockeye fillets are a perfect centerpiece for family meals or sharing with friends. Certified Kosher (EarthK). Boneless / skin-on. Top-grade wild Alaskan Sockeye. Sustainably harvested. Ships frozen for 2-3 day delivery.

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— February 6, 2018

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